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"Affectionate kiss", Rama's gesture with Melon makes a stir in the Italian media

"Affectionate kiss", Rama's gesture with Melon makes a stir in

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated yesterday in the Summit of the European Political Community (EPC) where the leaders of the European Union and 20 other leaders from European countries participated.

The leaders of the Western Balkans were also part of the meeting.

What stood out the most in the meeting was the kiss that Prime Minister Rama gave to his Italian counterpart, Giorgia Meloni. Rama chose his unique way that he has used with several other internationals, kissing them in front of the cameras.

He did the same with Prime Minister Meloni, giving her a kiss on the neck. Rama's gesture was also commented on in the Italian newspaper "Corriere della Serra" .

The latter writes that Rama's greeting to Meloni was done in a very affectionate and flagrant manner.

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