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It turns out with 30 million dollars in assets from the incinerators, the 90-year-old confesses: I live in an asylum, as I fell prey to fraud

It turns out with 30 million dollars in assets from the incinerators, the

90-year-old Haxhire Gurakuqi has 30 million dollars in wealth as the beneficiary of the incinerators' money, based on the documents published today by the head of LSI, Monika Kryemadhi.

In an interview for Syri.tv, she confesses that she has no knowledge of this event and that she fell prey to a fraud and that she lives in an asylum in Tirana, after her house was damaged by the earthquake. 

She says that two boys went to the asylum, introducing themselves as officials of the Prosecutor's Office, as they gave her some documents to sign, in exchange for the release of her old savings of 600,000 lek in the bank, which had been blocked.  

" I lived in a rented house for over 20 years. The earthquake destroyed my house. I went to the municipality, it didn't help me. I have been living in the Asylum since the moment the earthquake hit.

I do not know the people who involved me in this fraud. I live only with my pension money, I fell prey to fraud. They took the data from my passport. I don't even know what these companies are. They told me you have a big business in Lezha, while I have never been to that city ", said the elderly woman.

"Two guys come here, they told me we are from the prosecution, we have come to work on those leks that have blocked you. They gave me documents to sign, I believed them when they said we were from the prosecution. They told me that I would be able to get the money my

The director made a sign to me, but I realized it too late. He motioned to me not to sign it. But I had signed it. There were two people. I have doubts now. They take the passports, give the money and take the passports. 

All they have done to me is fraud, thieves. After I signed, I couldn't even get my savings. God take revenge, I'm in trouble,"  says the 90-year-old.

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