Flooded houses in Kučovo, residents appeal to the state

Flooded houses in Kučovo, residents appeal to the state

Heavy rains have caused flooding in the "1 Maji" neighborhood in Kuçovo, where about 15 homes have been damaged.

Residents say that the water that flooded the house has destroyed everything, from the furniture to the electrical appliances.

 According to them, the reason for these floods is not nature, but the blockage of sewers, which have not been cleaned for years.

Their appeal to the state is for damage assessment and financial assistance.

The Director of Rural Development in Kuçovo Municipality, Nazmi Sula, has claimed that the rains that fell yesterday have generally damaged one-year crops, such as wheat and vegetables, as well as fruit and tree crops.

According to Sula, the damage caused to the wheat was 100%, "balkanweb" reports.

He asserted that an area of ​​about 60 hectares was damaged in the village of Perondi, 50 hectares in the village of Magjatë and 45 hectares in the village of Gorraj, and this happened exactly when it was expected that the wheat would be harvested and stored next week.

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