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Svechla against Rama's proposal: We don't need KFOR in the municipalities of the North

Svechla against Rama's proposal: We don't need KFOR in the

The Minister of the Interior of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, has stated that the Kosovo police are capable of managing the situation in the four municipalities of the North without the need for this territory to be taken under control by KFOR, as Prime Minister Edi Rama proposed during a press conference.

Invited to the show "The Unexposed" on MCN TV, Sveçla stated that Prime Minister Kurti has asked for joint patrolling with KFOR, but on the border line and not in the municipalities of the North.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Andi Bushati: You said that that terrorist group was neither to set up a barricade nor to kill a policeman. My fear is that he who has designed a greater purpose, does not leave it at once. The fear is that such events may be repeated. Do you think that the security force of Kosovo is able to cope with this new level of risk? Or should KFOR take control of the north of Kosovo?

Xelal Sveçla: I completely agree with you, that Serbia has not completed its plans. We have information that there are other groups that have been trained, there are training camps in the north of Kosovo, there are dozens of paramilitaries who are continuously trained to carry out such actions. We are working to not only prevent, but also if they happen they get the deserved response. Until now, the Kosovo police is proving to be extremely successful, professional and responsive to the dangers, both for the country and for others. The battle took place around the monastery, and we have no damage towards the monastery.

Andi Bushati: Do you need more support?

Ylli Rakipi: Prime Minister Rama said that KFOR should take control of the north.

Xelal Sveçla: No, there is no need for KFOR to take control of anything. We have the Kosovo Police, which is proving to be one of the most successful institutions.

Andi Bushati: Prime Minister Kurti has just come out with a reaction, saying that we accept joint KFOR patrols. The Prime Minister of Albania said that KFOR should take control of the north.

Xelal Sveçla: What Prime Minister Kurti said is about joint patrols on the border line. We have difficulties for the border line because of the Kumanovo agreement. Therefore, the prime minister said that it is good that within this strip, it is good to have joint patrolling, but it is not about managing the situation in the four municipalities.


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