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Temperature up to 31°C, weather forecast

Temperature up to 31°C, weather forecast

An increase in baric values ​​is expected, bringing to our country a predominance of clear skies in almost the entire territory, but from time to time there will be light passages of clouds which are expected to be more pronounced in the mountainous areas along the Eastern border.

While the following hours gradually make the clouds more visible in the country, where their accumulation is expected in the southern end as well as in the southeastern areas, generating isolated rain showers. The same meteorological situation will continue during the night.

Air temperatures will rise again in the morning and at noon, fluctuating daily values ​​from 13°C to 31°C. The wind will blow light and medium at a speed of up to 30 km/h from the direction mainly North-West, creating low waves on the sea coasts.

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