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Tensions in the north, KAS appeals to the international community: Maintain neutrality and condemn Serbian nationalist provocations

Tensions in the north, KAS appeals to the international community: Maintain

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors (KASH) has continuously followed and dealt with the situation in the north of Kosovo. We have expressed concern about the instability and security in the municipalities with a Serbian majority, as a result of the destabilizing and criminal activity of parallel parapolitical and paramilitary structures operating in these municipalities, supported by Belgrade through Serbian intelligence agencies, which are confirming day by day that they are proxy of the Russian secret services.

Regarding the recent developments, we reiterate that the Republic of Kosovo is a sovereign state and its territorial integrity is inviolable. The implementation of the law and the functioning of democratic institutions has turned the Republic of Kosovo into an example of democracy for the entire region and an irreplaceable contributor to stability, security and peace in the region and beyond.

The application of the law in the entire territory of Kosovo is the basic basis for the functioning of the rule of law in Kosovo, what made it the example we mentioned above.  

KASH appreciates the professionalism of the security structures of the Republic of Kosovo in calming the situation and implementing democratic, institutional and constitutional steps and decision-making, recently implemented in the north of the country, for which the international community expressed full support.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors expresses its conviction that the stability and applicability of the more than justified actions of the government of the Republic of Kosovo in terms of calming the situation in the north of the country will be complete and efficient in that the government will continue to be engaged in an uninterrupted consultation and coordination with its friends, with the EU and the US.

At the same time, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on the international factor to maintain neutrality and support the Republic of Kosovo to establish the rule of law and the constitution throughout its territory, as well as to condemn the nationalist actions and provocations of the world Serbian, of Serbia and of its President, as happened with his last irresponsible statements.


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