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Another cyber attack, Karamuço: Hackers have stolen the data of "Air Albania", they demand money

Another cyber attack, Karamuço: Hackers have stolen the data of "Air

Criminology expert, Ervin Karamuço, has denounced another cyber attack by hackers.

In a post on Facebook, Karamuço writes that the airline "Air Albania" was attacked by hackers and the data was stolen.

The expert adds that the company has been given a deadline by the hackers to pay a fine until February 14.

"I had been warning about cyber attacks against private sector companies in Albania for some time. "Air Albania company's data was recently hacked and a deadline was set until February 14, 2023 to pay the fine in exchange for their return from the cyber criminal group (LockBit ransom group) ," writes the expert.

We recall that Albania was involved in a massive cyber attack last summer, where Iranian hackers attacked the TIMS system and that of the e-Albania digital platform. The attack caused chaos for access to the platform.

The hackers extracted videos from the TIMS system, the detention rooms in Tirana, as well as the trips of high-ranking officials, starting from Prime Minister Edi Rama, to the former General Director of the State Police Gladis Nano and the current Muhamet Rrumbullaku, the head of SHISH and others.

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