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He tortured his wife, the 28-year-old's father says: They are lies, the bride may have someone else

He tortured his wife, the 28-year-old's father says: They are lies, the


The father of Aurel Kurti, the 28-year-old, arrested in Greece, has reacted to the media after being accused of raping his wife and holding her hostage at home because the 22-year-old gave birth to a daughter. The young man's father, Gëzim Kurti, has rejected all the accusations of his daughter-in-law, Dafina, and has called them frauds and lies. So he accuses his daughter-in-law of having an affair with someone else and demands that his son be put in prison.

"The problem is here, what they have said are lies and deceptions. It is possible that the girl has a relationship with someone else. Since I met the boy, they came and stayed here for 2-3 months, then they fled to Greece. The child was born here in Albania, we kept him as our sister. We treated him very well, we did not mistreat him. I don't know what he has forgiven now. I know what happened here, it was okay here. The day before yesterday, I spoke with Chu on the phone. When I heard it happened that they were busy, I don't know. I haven't spoken to the son's daughter-in-law, I don't have her number. I was talking from my son's phone.

She is cheating, for what I don't know. The boy did not mistreat her because she was born a girl, these are frauds. He took his daughter out every week to the bar, he even celebrated her birthday outside. These are tricks to get my son inside. She might even be having a relationship with someone else and she might want my son in there. They have known each other with love, I myself did not agree, neither did her mother. What her mother said when they met.

It must be a backstage. What he said to the Greek police is not true. I took the bride to Greece myself, my son could not take her out every day, because he had such a job. She can say that she stayed locked up, but they went out for dinner. They have been dating since the girl was in 7th grade. When I spoke on the phone with the boy, he didn't say anything. He told me that we would talk later, then he didn't pick up the phone. The next day he writes to me and tells me that he is busy with Dafina and they brought her inside", stated Gëzim Kurti.

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