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The prisoner dies in Lezha (NAME)

The prisoner dies in Lezha (NAME)

A convict died in Lezha prison.

According to the Directorate of Prisons, it is about citizen Gëzim Beneshi, who is accused of committing the criminal offense of "Attempted murder".


The General Directorate of Prisons informs the public opinion that on 04.12.2023, at around 10:20 a.m., in IEVP LEZHE, the notification was received that the citizen Gezim Petrit Beneshi, born on 06.07.1978, with medical measures 'Forced treatment in a medical institution' ' for the commission of the criminal offense "Attempted murder" provided by article (76-22) of the Criminal Code, we have been informed that this citizen's breathing was blocked while he was being fed.

- Citizen Gezim Petrit Beneshi, patient with medical measure 'Medical treatment in a medical institution' with diagnosis 'Paranoid schizophrenia' and 'Arterial hypertension stage 2' with medication 'Respiridone 2Mg 2×1 tablet, lercanidipine 10 mg 1 tablet per day , furosemil 40 mg 1 tablet in the morning, aspirin protekt 100 Mg 1 tablet a day, omeprazole 20 mg 1 tablet in the morning', where he was accommodated in IEVP Lezhe, in the section of medical measures due to his health condition, he came with date 26.05.2022 from the Kavaje Police Station.

- The staff of IEVP LEZHE, at the moment of ascertaining the incident from the service employee, immediately notified the doctor on duty, where he was given first aid and signs of life were detected. He was urgently taken by the institution's ambulance accompanied by the medical staff to the Lezhe Regional Hospital with signs of life.

- We have been notified by the Regional Hospital of Lezhes about the death of citizen Gezim Beneshi.

- After ascertaining the fact, the family of the deceased as well as the investigative bodies were notified.

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