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Brussels / Borell and Kurti clash at the conference, due to the Association agreement 

Brussels / Borell and Kurti clash at the conference, due to the Association

The issue of implementation of the agreement of the Association of Serb-Majority Municipalities between the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti and the Chief European Diplomat, Josep Borell, was accompanied by remarks.

At the joint conference in Brussels, Kurti said that the Association is in the service of Belgrade, while Borell said that he does not agree with Kurti that the Constitutional Court does not enable the implementation of the agreement on the Association.

"All the solutions that come from above to satisfy certain politicians are not democratic and I am a democrat and I believe that the next chapters between Kosovo and Serbia should not be to save the skin of a politician but to serve the people. "I am afraid that this Association is in the service of Belgrade much more than any Kosovo Serb citizen who also serves as the prime minister of this republic, " said Kurti.

"I do not agree with you when you say that the Constitutional Court makes it impossible to implement the Association Agreement that was concluded by the representatives of both parties in accordance with international norms for concluding agreements and in the framework of dialogue and I am sorry, Prime Minister, I have to 'ask you to implement this agreement.

"I know that there are agreements not implemented by both parties, but this is the most important thing, " said Borell.

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