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KFOR removes the barbed wire placed in Zveçan

KFOR removes the barbed wire placed in Zveçan

Members of the NATO mission in Kosovo, KFOR, have removed the barbed wire that was placed around the municipality building in Zveçan.

The barbed wire was installed a day after Serbian protesters clashed with KFOR soldiers, leaving 360 injured. KFOR increased its units and took measures to guarantee the maintenance of order and security.

Currently, Lista Serbe has come up with two conditions to participate in the elections that can be held in Kosovo. She said that the special forces of the Kosovo Police should be withdrawn from the north of Kosovo, and that the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority should be formed.

Lista Serbe boycotted the elections held in 4 municipalities in the north of Kosovo: Mitrovica, Leposaviq, Zubin Potok and Zveçan.

After the election of the new mayors, the Serbs went out in protest demanding their removal from the municipalities.

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