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"We forgot our mother in the car", Liridona Ademaj's brother tells the doubts about Naim Murseli and the children's confession

"We forgot our mother in the car", Liridona Ademaj's brother

The murder of Liridona Ademaj Murseli has shocked not only Kosovo. The 30-year-old woman was killed in front of the children, and the main suspect for the incident is her husband, Naim Murseli, who allegedly paid 30,000 euros to the killer to execute his wife.

Leonard Ademaj, Liridona's brother, spoke exclusively for RTK, where he first told what Liridona's husband, Naimi, told him after she was killed. A day after the murder, Leonardi says that Naim Murseli did not answer the phone.

Other doubts, according to the deceased's brother, arose when Murseli was reluctant to look at his wife's body.

"I also took Naim and we went to see her. He said the opportunity to see Liriodna, unless you have health problems, don't see her. I said no, I grew up with her, I want to see her. He didn't want to go in to see her. That's when they started and other doubts. Uncle Naim's son told him that it's not like this, you've lived with him for 13 years" , he emphasized.

Leonardi says that on the day of the funeral he called the same number, which Naimi had told him the day before that the robber had stolen from him.

The other suspicion was about Liridona's valuables, which he said were stolen that night.

"When I went to the Forensic Medicine, we told Naimi, the gold and the valuable things that Liridona had are in there. If the launderers stole it, Liridona had a lot of gold, they took the gold from her. But, no, he said, you have it here" , continues the story for RTK, Leondardi.

He says that his sister's murder happened inside the car.

"What I do know, and what we can think of, is that Liridona had insurance in Sweden. Insurance in Sweden pays out staggering amounts if an accident happens to one or the other parent. Or it could be that she could have run out of money, he had debts and even took our sister's life to get the insurance money" , Leonardi expresses his doubt.

Leonard tells what the children had told him at the time of the staged murder through the cleaners. We forgot mom in the car, the children told their uncle.

"The whole incident happened that day. The boy had squeezed my hand a lot. When I went to the police, he approached me and hugged me, my uncle said the thief asked me for the money but I didn't give it to him, he opened his hand and the money was there " , he confesses.

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