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"The internationals did not tell me 'don't hold the elections'", Kurti: Municipal buildings belong to Kosovo

"The internationals did not tell me 'don't hold the

Prime Minister Albin Kurti was present at the forum for the Western Balkans in Slovakia, where he spoke about the tensions in the North of Kosovo. He stated that he cannot ask the mayors of the municipalities not to stay in their offices as long as they are elected by vote.

"There are discussions, but we can't always agree on something. The municipal building belongs to the Republic of Kosovo, I understand that there should not be too many police, but before that there should not be criminals outside the building. There are many responsible for the injured KFOR members, but there is no one in prison. Those who did these actions should go to jail.

"Such crimes must not be repeated. We must have communication, We are doing this as far as these buildings are concerned. I cannot sit in my office as prime minister and tell the mayors that you cannot stay in your offices. We have ordered all the people. My Minister of Finance must cooperate with all the mayors of the municipalities. Their income is small and they need the central government", said Kurti .

He said that the internationals did not warn him not to make an election and accepted the process in a broad concept.

"If I were to order the mayors to go to another office, it would be the same as creating parallel structures. I would join the legality and I can't do that. In a democracy, the law must be above politics, and doing politics at a certain point is about early elections. The international community in a broad sense accepted the election process and their result. If the international community had told me not to hold elections because there are no circumstances, then we would be talking about politics. Now politically I am doing what I am doing because of lack of power. There is no other method," he declared.

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