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Tensions/ Kurti says that he has increased communication with international partners

Tensions/ Kurti says that he has increased communication with international

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has reacted to the tense situation in the North of Kosovo.

In an appearance for the media, he said that he has increased communication with international partners, adding a common goal and a common goal.

The head of the executive also said that there was no peaceful protest in the North of Kosovo, saying that it is the extreme right that is challenging the constitutional order.

Kurti also thanked KFOR, saying that they did not allow foreign destabilization goals to be realized.

Kurt's full speech below.

Dear citizens,

The elected presidents from the elections of April 23, despite the low turnout in the elections due to the boycott dictated and forced on the Kosovo Serbs, are still the only ones who have any legitimacy to be in municipal buildings and at the service of citizens.

Therefore, they have our full, unconditional and unwavering support.

Democracy cannot be suspended or held hostage. Its exercise is a guarantee of peace and security, regardless of threat or danger.

The Republic of Kosovo is the most democratic country in the Western Balkans. With governing and security institutions that have professional training and value orientation from and towards Western societies.

Yesterday, it was finally proved to us and to all of us who we are facing: groups of the extreme right in masks, who vandalize, attack, burn everything that they do not consider Serbian, and who exalt nationalistic and chauvinist symbols, such as the four-pointed cross The S's and Z's of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Extremists and militias have separate names. They are not the people. The Serbian community must be freed from them. We have identified most of them yesterday and today. There cannot be individuals or groups above the law more powerful than the state.

Such are the multi-millionaire criminals like Milan Radojčić and Zvonko Veselinović. They are big business and smuggling owners who condition their poor workers to violent protests. In fact, this is the way of their own bosses in Belgrade towards the public administration: the way of Aleksandar Vučić, Aleksandar Vulin and Ivica Dačić.

I know, dear citizens, that there were also peaceful protesters in the gatherings yesterday and today. But the protests yesterday and today were not peaceful. A protest that attacks the police who maintain order and enforces the law, KFOR members who maintain peace and stability, and journalists who report on the events from the ground, is not a protest for the municipality, but for power. In Kosovo, power can only be obtained through elections. Not with violence and crime.

Policia jonë dhe KFOR-i atje janë kufiri ndërmjet ekstremistëve të dhunshëm dhe institucioneve paqësore.

Orëve të fundit, institucionet tona kanë shtuar edhe më shumë komunikimin me partnerët ndërkombëtarë, sepse qetësimin e situatës e kemi qëllim të përbashkët. Por përveç shqetësimeve dhe brengave, dje na u dëshmua para syve se edhe kërcënimet dhe rreziqet i kemi të përbashkëta.

I wish dozens of injured people a full and speedy recovery. I thank the mayors of the municipalities who, despite the difficulties, have shown the sincere will to serve the citizens, which is proven even in these situations. I thank the policemen of Kosovo, who, despite the tensions and attacks, have performed their duties with the highest professionalism. I thank the members of KFOR who, despite foreign intentions for destabilization, are maintaining peace and security. I thank the journalists and the media that, despite the dangers and uncertainty, brought us the true face of violent militia protests in voice and image. And I especially thank the citizens of the Republic for their trust and support.



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