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The murder of a 14-year-old girl in Skopje is revealed, her father is among the suspects

The murder of a 14-year-old girl in Skopje is revealed, her father is among the

The Macedonian police and prosecutor's office on Monday announced the arrest of three people suspected of murdering 14-year-old Vanja Gjorčevska from Skopje, as well as another person with the initials P.ZH, 74 years old from the city of Veles.

In connection with these cases, two other persons are suspected, one of whom, believed to be the author of the crime, escaped from North Macedonia.

The dead body of the 14-year-old was found on Sunday in Skopje, while that of the 74-year-old was found in Veleshte.

Vanja Gjorčevska, 14 years old, disappeared on November 27, after leaving home to go to school.

"Regarding both cases, five people are suspected and three of them have been detained, one is on the run abroad. Meanwhile, the fifth person, the father of the minor girl, has been arrested, interrogated and other measures are being taken by the Public Prosecutor's Office... The main organizer and the author of the act, after killing the girl with a pistol, escaped", he stated. the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski.

He said that the police will do everything possible to bring the main perpetrator of the crime to justice. We are talking about the person with the initials LP from Skopje, known in the public opinion as the leader of the "Third" movement.

"We will do everything so that this person or this monster, as soon as he steps on our land, is brought to justice," said Spasovski.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced that the motive for the murder was the material benefit from the mother of the murdered girl and that in this case, her father is involved, who, as Spasovski stated, informed the other members about the time when the girl left the house and her movement towards school.

"The motive for this case is profit, in which case one of the persons, in agreement with a family member, organized and carried out the act in order to receive money from the mother of the minor girl so that all of you will benefit later" , said Spasovski.

According to the police, the other victim from Veleshta was not related to the girl, but had dirty accounts with another member of the suspected criminal group.

"As for the other victim, the elderly man from Veles, he has nothing to do with the minor girl, but [was killed] because of impure relations with one of the suspects, while his [74-year-old] vehicle is used to take and kill the girl. The vehicle was burned and then the person from Veleshta was killed," said Spasovski.

For this event, which has shocked the opinion in North Macedonia, public prosecutor Gavrill Buvevski said that there will be "strict punishments" based on the Criminal Code of North Macedonia.

"The motive is profit, but when it's done during kidnapping, then the motive is pure murder. The killing of minors, but also such motives, predict the most severe punishments", said prosecutor Bubevski.

Regarding this double murder, since the disappearance of the 14-year-old, already killed, there have been many reactions in the public, asking the state bodies to take quick measures to clarify the case.

There were also reactions that gave ethnic motives to the murder, therefore there was incitement of inter-ethnic hatred and this led the Ministry of Internal Affairs to announce the opinion that the perpetrators of this serious event are of Macedonian ethnicity./REL



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