Are there any new alternatives on April 25th?

Are there any new alternatives on April 25th?

Alfred Lela

Albania seems surrendered. She has tried both experiments and traditions. Old and young. She came out disappointed by both.

This further explains the fact that in a Westminster Foundation for Democracy poll, novice political and civic movements are considered weightless. This is bad news for April 25, the undecided and alternatives to traditional parties of the political spectrum.

Why does this happen? First because of the government and the opposition. Both have inspired the opinion with the thesis that new movements or parties are in the service of one or the other. So they are neither independent nor civic. Even if this is true, more than the principle of independence is done to prevent the introduction into the spectrum of new and vibrant forces that may jeopardize the power of one or the other party.

The government has the greatest interest in maintaining the status quo and feels threatened by any new movement that may become an avalanche of change. The relentless and isolated attacks against the Alliance for Theater explain this. The opposition has shown the same concern against parties emerging from the grievances of its former exponents.

But, nothing explains the fear of the big ones than the student movement of the first two years which seemed to be equidistant from the parties and drowned in the cradle precisely because of this equidistant.

Cooling down with new moves also happens because the public has been betrayed several times. From 'Mjaft' and AKZ for example, which were the most explosive civic movements of the past two decades. People realized that the youth of the movements were getting old ugly as soon as they passed the door of the political parties. Thus, we are faced with a non-alternative: the old youth of the traditional parties or the new movements emerging from the old flaws?

Until April 25 you have time to share the mind.

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