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The triple electoral scheme: Facade, social mobilization and power acquisition

The triple electoral scheme: Facade, social mobilization and power acquisition

By Romeo Gurakuqi 

A very early well-known scheme in history, but in the most backward country of Europe it has started to be applied massively, at least since 2013.

It began to take root in this country when it was understood and proven that barbarism, idiocy, ignorance are no longer an obstacle to progress in politics, that violence and fear can subjugate anyone without distinction, that money in such a country late in civilization, can buy indiscriminately in the pyramid, from the top to the base.

The electoral scheme seems to be threefold: modern facade campaign; social mobilization of the subordinates and the marginalized; acquisition and preservation of power, with the dangerous ones born from the peripheral society of a time.

It is based on using dangerous people to gain and maintain power. And dangerous people always attract followers, bend characters, buy administrations, curse and deafen the police, disorient and reprogram the media, keep silent, intimidate and buy the opposition, asphyxiate the elites by threatening them with a complete cut of the sources of life.

Meanwhile, the power easily calculates the society and the administration, which is cheered, carried by command from one rally to another, suppressing in a cunning way freedom and democracy.

This time too, everything was organized very wisely, long before the event, the arrival of the observers, the awakening of the media and the missions walks, including in this sophisticated and elusive operation, a dozen mediators, or interpreters of the major will , who know who the big buyer was, the territory targeted by him, the nominees to be absorbed in the enthusiasm of the programmed campaign, the victory party, etc.

So great is the sum paid to the realtors, and so anxious are they not to anger their invisible paymaster, that for the greater part of the common people, the remote media, etc., there was no vote in the sale, and no words to reveal who that buyer and his intendants were.

Thuhet se, duke qenë se zakonisht askush nuk i beson askujt në këtë lojë, paratë depozitohen më pas nga një tjetër kategori ndërmjetësisht, të njohur si sekuestrues, të cilët i mbajnë paratë në dispozicion për kontroll.

Në fund, kur zgjedhjet përfundojnë dhe vjen koha për të larë hesapet, një specie e tretë delinkuentësh, të ashtuquajturit ndarës, shpërndajnë paratë. "Kjo mënyrë e bën jashtëzakonisht të vështirë pikasjen, ndjekjen penale, sepse edhe nëse dikush kapet me presh në duar duke paguar rryshfetin, ai ne të vertetë nuk ia ka as idenë se kush e ka nisur zinxhirin e korrupsionit elektoral".

Winners, mediators, senkers, oligarchs and parliamentarians, regardless of country, remained the same in this country. They have made and will continue to make their "stacks of wealth for themselves", but also for the recycling of the perpetuity scheme, while the state is bankrupt, by themselves, the Republic is attacked and expropriated, while there is no one left to defend it .

A conspiracy is organized by the oligarchy and high-ranking politicians "to set fire to their hometown", their "beloved" homeland, but crushed by themselves.

And "The Prosecutor's Office is still reluctant and unable to make a decision on how to deal with Public Enemies caught red-handed within the walls of our state."


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