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What is the beauty trend among Albanian women? Dua Lipa: Confidence

What is the beauty trend among Albanian women? Dua Lipa: Confidence

The internationally famous Albanian singer Dua Lipa has given an interview to "ELLE" magazine.

Among other things, Dua also spoke about the standards of beauty in Kosovo, where she added that the most beautiful trait she received from her hometown is self-confidence.

What is one of your beauty rules?

I finished my world tour at the end of last year, so during this quieter time I've been wanting to have a fresh, makeup-free face whenever possible. It's always good to give your skin a break.

You grew up in Kosovo - are there any specific beauty trends there that you've carried with you to this day?

I wouldn't necessarily say that there is a beauty trend, but what I find most empowering about Kosovar women is their self-confidence.

You started a book club. How was your love of reading nurtured?

I've always seen reading as a way to further understand human connection and relationships, and the escape that reading provides truly serves as its own form of well-being. When my schedule is busy, I know that if I can pick up a book, I can find a sense of calm for a while.

Libre means free – what does freedom mean to you?

Freedom for me is the strength to face new challenges and be open to new experiences while staying true to who you are at your core.

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