Newspapers: French President apologizes over Albanian national anthem mix-up in Euro Qualifier

French President Emmanuel Macron sent an apology message to Prime Minister Edi Rama in view of the national anthem mix-up ahead of a football match on Saturday evening, Rama tweeted on Sunday. “President Macron expressed his sincere apologies for the scandalous gaffe of the French Football Federation, by mixing up our National Anthem! He called it an “unacceptable mistake,” Rama posted on Twitter.

According to Rama, the French President appreciated in his message the reaction of Albania’s national football team and asked Rama to make his apology public. The wrong anthem was played for the Albanian national team before the European Qualifier match kicked off in Stade de France, in Paris, on Saturday evening. The Albanian football fans and players were expecting to hear their national anthem prior to the start of the game, but the national anthem of Andorra was played by mistake by the organizers, a fact that puzzled the Albanian players.

To make matters worse, according to newspapers, when the correct anthem was about to be played the stadium’s speaker urged the French supporters to respect Armenia’s national anthem. The start of the match was delayed by several minutes. Newspapers noted that another public apology was offered over this incident by the coach of French National Team, Didier Deschamps, at a press conference after the match.