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The UN Assembly approves the resolution for the membership of Palestine, as Albania voted

The UN Assembly approves the resolution for the membership of Palestine, as

A United Nations General Assembly (UN) resolution calling on the UN Security Council to reconsider Palestine's UN membership was approved on Friday, with 143 votes in favor, nine votes against and 25 abstentions.

The resolution calls on the Security Council to "favorably reconsider the matter" and insists that the Palestinian Authority be granted UN membership, saying that "the State of Palestine is eligible for membership in the United Nations," writes cnn .

From the countries of the region, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia were in favor, while Albania, Croatia and North Macedonia abstained.

Among the great powers, the resolution was supported by Russia, China and France, while the United States of America was against it, while Germany and Great Britain abstained.

Before the start of the UN session, the US Mission to the UN indicated that if the resolution was passed and the application for membership was sent to the Security Council, the US would again veto it, saying: " We await an outcome similar to what happened in April."

The US mission said the Palestinian Authority does not meet the criteria for UN membership and that the resolution does not resolve concerns previously raised about Palestinian membership.

In April, the Palestinian Authority resumed its application for membership, and later that month, the US vetoed the Palestinian bid to achieve membership status. The vote in the Security Council saw 12 members in favor and one against, except for the US veto. Israel praised the US veto, calling the Palestinian offer a "shameful proposal" while the Palestinian Authority presidency called the veto "unjust, immoral and unjustified".

In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority failed to gain UN recognition as an independent member state. A year later, the UN decided that the Palestinian Authority's "non-member observer entity" status would be changed to "non-member observer state", similar to the Vatican.

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