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Immigrants cause debate in Britain, Priti Patel 'threatens' to sue Braverman

Immigrants cause debate in Britain, Priti Patel 'threatens' to sue

The former Home Secretary of Great Britain, Priti Patel, has "threatened" with legal action her successor, Suella Braverman, after the latter accused that Patel had caused overcrowding at the asylum center in Manston.

Sicc reports The Independent , Patel has called Cabinet Secretary Simon Case and demanded that the claims made by Braverman be retracted, or else legal action for defamation would be launched.

A source told the paper that "Priti worked around the clock when she was home secretary to tackle this problem and exploded when she was told her record was being criticised. Simon Case had to calm him down.”

Government sources had negatively ifnormed when Priti Patel served as the British government's Home Secretary.

Although there was no public criticism of Braverman, immigration minister Robert Jenrick told MPs he had inherited the problem after "being provided with inadequate accommodation over a sustained period" by the Home Office.

Patel denies this claim. Her allies have previously revealed that she booked hotel rooms for asylum seekers while she was in charge of the Home Office - raising questions about why the practice was stopped when Braverman took office in September.

Allies of the former home secretary have defended her immigration reforms and say Rishi Sunak's government has failed to properly implement the Nationality and Borders Act.

It comes after Braverman's team said they were optimistic they could deport the migrants to Rwanda "before the summer".

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