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Croatia deports migrants to Bosnia

Croatia deports migrants to Bosnia

A group of 93 migrants, who were deported from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the morning of March 31, are in the temporary reception center in Lipa.

They came to this center accompanied by the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in coordination with the Service for Foreign Affairs.

Mustafa Ruzhnić, head of the Una-Sana Canton government, told Radio Free Europe that on March 30, about 80 migrants arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina from Croatia and were sent to the Center in Lipa, under the escort of members of the border police.

"I requested information from the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Service for Foreign Affairs and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, about which migrants are concerned and why they were moved from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Ruzhnić to Radio Free Europe (REL), adding that he has not yet received an answer.

The Foreign Affairs Service did not respond to Radio Free Europe's question regarding the deportation of migrants from Croatia.

The Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina told REL that according to the readmission agreement between BiH and Croatia, migrants are brought to the border point.

"This is a regular procedure and this is what we do to Serbia and Montenegro, according to the agreement with those countries, while they then return them to the countries, which return them to other countries", said Admir Malagić, spokesman for the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs did not respond to REL's question about which migrants are concerned.

About 150 migrants have been accommodated in the Lipa Temporary Center. This center is run by the Foreign Affairs Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The center is equipped and can accommodate about 1,500 migrants./ REL

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