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"Moscow needs security guarantees", Macron is criticized for the statement

"Moscow needs security guarantees", Macron is criticized for the

French President Emmanuel Macron's statement that the West should consider how to address Russia's need for security guarantees to end the war in Ukraine has drawn sharp criticism from some quarters, ruling out the option of making concessions to Kremlin.

In an interview during his state visit to the US last week, Macron said Europe must prepare its future security architecture.

"This means that one of the essential points that we have to address, as President Vladimir Putin has always said, is the fear of NATO coming to its doors and deploying weapons that could threaten Russia ," Macron said.

"This topic will be part of the topics on peace, so we have to prepare what we are ready to do, how to protect our allies and member countries and how to give assurances to Russia the day it comes back to the table of talks" , he added.

Former Lithuanian defense and foreign affairs minister Linas Linkevicius criticized the idea that concessions should be made to the Kremlin.

"Russia has all security guarantees if it does not attack, annex or invade its neighbors," said Linkevicius.


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