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Putin "threatens" Britain: We will respond if you supply shells to Ukraine

Putin "threatens" Britain: We will respond if you supply shells to

Russian President Vladimir Putin has commented on the British statement that it will supply Ukraine with tank shells made of depleted uranium.

The Russian leader's comments, made during a visit to Moscow by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, came in response to the British defense minister in the House of Lords.

Annabel Goldie said the UK would supply Ukraine with armor-piercing weapons containing depleted uranium with its gift of 14 Challenger 2 tanks because they are considered very effective at defeating modern tanks and armour.

"If all this happens, the Russians will have to respond accordingly, given that the West collectively has already started using weapons with a nuclear component," Putin said.

Putin did not elaborate, although the Russian leader often makes nuclear-related threats, mostly in an effort to persuade Western countries to limit their interference in the war in Ukraine, which began with Moscow's invasion last year.

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