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Russia becomes the cause of a new "threat" to global food security

Russia becomes the cause of a new "threat" to global food security

Warning of a new threat to global food security, the United Nations said on Thursday that Russia is limiting the number of ships allowed to receive Ukrainian wheat at Black Sea ports in its campaign to force Kiev to open a pipeline to a key component of fertilizer to go to world markets.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric expressed serious concern that only 33 ships left Ukrainian ports in May, half the number compared to April, and exports of cereals and other food products amounted to only 1.3 million metric tons last month. less than half of last month's amount, AP writes .

He said Russia informed the center in Istanbul that coordinates the arrivals, departures and inspections of vessels involved in the Black Sea Grain Initiative "of its decision to limit registrations at the port of Yuzhny as long as ammonia is not exported, and currently not exported".

Ammonia is a key fertilizer ingredient and Moscow wants Ukraine to open a pipeline from the Russian city of Togliatti to the Ukrainian port of Odesa, which it used before the war to transport ammonia to its global customers.

Turkey and the UN brokered the breakthrough initiative with Russia and Ukraine last July, opening a route for Ukrainian grain exports from three of its main Black Sea ports: Odesa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny.

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