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USA, another 820 million dollars in arms for Ukraine

USA, another 820 million dollars in arms for Ukraine

The United States on Friday announced details of $820 million in additional military aid to Ukraine. The aid includes new surface-to-air missile systems and anti-artillery radars.

The latest package aims to help Ukraine with weapons to hit Russian long-range missiles. It comes after Ukrainian officials called on Western countries to send more advanced systems to better counter Moscow.

The Pentagon said Friday that the Biden administration has so far sent $7.6 billion in security aid to Ukraine, including about $7 billion since Russia began its offensive there in late February.

In a press conference during the NATO meeting held in Madrid, President Joe Biden said the United States "will support Ukraine for as long as it takes."

The 14th package of US military aid to Ukraine includes two air defense systems, known as NASAMS, which can help Ukrainian forces defend against Russian self-guided missiles and jets.

A senior American official said that the defense systems being sent to Kiev are of NATO standards and are part of an effort to modernize Ukraine's air defenses, which are equipped with Soviet-era weapons./VOA

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