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Declaration of salaries once a year, Deputy Minister of Finance: There are people who drive luxury cars, who will be checked

Declaration of salaries once a year, Deputy Minister of Finance: There are

While the Prime Minister Edi Rama stated a few days ago that he was considering the possibility of a National Consultation with citizens regarding the possibility for the declaration of salaries to be done once a year.

Deputy Minister of Finance, Besart Kadia, stated in the show "Open" that this initiative brings meticulous control of people who moved in expensive cars and meanwhile had declared lower salaries and that citizens should not be afraid of this initiative.

" The government does not intend to investigate the lifestyle of all Albanians, but for those who are informal. There are some people at least from the investigations and discussions, a contradiction has been noticed, that many people with a luxury car have salaries lower than 100 thousand new lek per month.

Citizens should not be afraid that the state will deal with everyone. It should be noted that with the exit of wages there was an internal conflict between employees, it was noticed and things that people knew under their breath, but also surprised, it was noticed that large companies had low salaries for employees.

Some countries in the Scandinavian countries have it as a practice that they have public for everyone, with investigations for 100 businesses, 51% of workers had problems with contracts. "The individual in front of the business is often powerless, he is afraid that he will lose his job and I am informing that there are abuses in the business" , said Kadia.


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