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The "McGonigal" issue, the Assembly accepts the opposition's request for the motion with debate, will Rama respond?

The "McGonigal" issue, the Assembly accepts the opposition's

The Assembly has accepted the opposition's request for a motion with debate regarding the "McGonigal" case.

The head of the parliamentary group of the SP, Taulant Balla, announced that the Conference of Speakers has approved the request to develop a motion with a debate with Prime Minister Edi Rama, on the "McGonigal" issue.

When asked if Edi Rama will be present during the session that is expected to be a marathon in the Parliament, Balla said that the Prime Minister has no qualms about answering since the case of the former FBI official has nothing to do with Albania.

Taulant Balla:  I greet the petitioning MPs who have understood our only condition that if it is Berisha's signature, it will not be accepted. The fact that they withdrew it shows that they reflected on the condition. The motion with debate will take place, it remains to be determined in the following days with the leaders of the groups as determined by the rules of the assembly.
That there was also a funny element that said that motions with debate should be carried out without limit, that is, to start in February and end in December. The conference of presidents will determine the exact time and when. If you brought it without Berisha's signature, the request was approved and it was approved, now we have to determine how long the debate will be. I proposed 12 hours of debate, which enables every MP.

Question: Will it be Rama?

Taulant Balla : Keep calm, Prime Minister Rama has no worries about answering an issue that has nothing to do with Albania, however we have been waiting and can't wait to hold this debate. I hope the opposition will agree if they really do, but you have to see if they really want to have a debate, but they will come and say you have changed our core, we don't get 700 minutes, but we want more, you know these stories.


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