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Integration / Rama from Berlin: We change course if Council does not tear down wall erected by Bulgaria

Integration / Rama from Berlin: We change course if Council does not tear down

Prime Minister Edi Rama paid a visit to Germany where he met with representatives of German politics. At the end of the visit Rama gave an interview from Berlin to give more details about the meetings.

The Prime Minister said that the meetings were part of the talks on Albania's integration into the European Union, as well as the Russian war in Ukraine.

"This was an invitation from the Körber-Stiftung foundation and at the same time an interest of these parties to have a close conversation, regarding the European integration process, specifically with the upcoming June station and the conclusion of the French presidency where it is on the agenda is the issue of opening formal membership negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia. "Certainly, regarding the war in Ukraine, the position of Albania and the impact of the war on the region and of course the further progress in this regard in terms of our direct engagement in the Security Council and NATO," Rama said.

Rama reiterated that if the EU does not take any steps forward with the opening of negotiations for Albania, due to the veto that Bulgaria has imposed on Northern Macedonia, then Tirana will insist on being treated separately in the process.

"While I have discussed with everyone the fact that we have decided to change course, at a time when the European Council of June will probably not be able to break the wall set by Bulgaria for Northern Macedonia. Until then, we will stay in the right position, ie open negotiations formally for both. If even then we will remain hostage to a situation that has nothing to do with us, has nothing to do with our work, has nothing to do with anything that has to do with Albania, then we will change course and seek with insistence that Albania be treated separately " , said Rama.

Regarding the visit to the Balkans that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a few weeks ago, Rama said that there is no official announcement yet, while confirming that the President of the European Council, Charles Michel will be in Albania.

"I do not know if Chancellor Scholz will come to Tirana or not, because we do not have an official announcement. He has stated that he will visit the region, he told me that he will come to the region, but where he will stay remains to be seen. While yes, President Charles Michel will come but these are not crucial days for Albania. "I do not see anything decisive in relation to this fact, this is a process with which we are already used to how it works", Rama said.

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