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Zelensky's request for weapons, Rama reacts: Everyone said 'yes', except us. We must strengthen the defense!

Zelensky's request for weapons, Rama reacts: Everyone said 'yes',

Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on the request of Ukrainian President Zelensky at the summit held yesterday in Tirana to produce weapons.

In a joint conference with Commissioner Varhelyi, Rama emphasized that Albania does not have a military manufacturing industry for the production of weapons, but added that work is being done to conclude such an agreement.

"We had a good summit and held good discussions between President Zelensky and others. That summit showed something that is important, that everyone was here. The region was far from Russia's wishes. As a region that wants to be part of the EU, and everything. As for the military industry and the production of weapons, we, like Serbia, Bosnia or Croatia, do not have a military equipment manufacturing industry.

We want to have it available. We have worked and are working to find the right agreement, the right partners. Revive our aging infrastructure. President Zelensky spoke to us about the possibility of cooperation, which means investment, production and cooperation.

Everyone said yes. Not only Albania. This is the process. We know we need to invest in defense. Everything we can do in this regard, we will do. We will do it with allies. The rest is natural. ", Rama said.



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