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Olta Xhačka's mandate does not extend to "Constitutional"

Olta Xhačka's mandate does not extend to "Constitutional"

The Assembly has voted against sending the mandate of Socialist MP Olta Xhaçka to the Constitutional Court.

After a long session in the Assembly, with 39 votes in favor and 72 against, the request was dropped.

Earlier in her speech, Xhaçka stated that she has not benefited a penny from the state land and also rejected the opposition's accusations.

"My family and I have not benefited from public funds, zero! No m2 of public land zero! No procedural facility different from everyone else. Zero! You know what the benefit of the assisted strategic investor status is. That it is not at all equal to that of the strategic investor you say. Profit that in any case, legally is not directly attributed to my husband in the hotel business that never happened, after the undeserved mud he brought into our lives, but to the company that in the future will manage the activity. Only the right to be treated with priority for the conclusion of one of the 1500 annual rental contracts for the beach area in front of the hotel. Is it potentially allowed when the investment is made, when the contract is made that may never happen, to put or not to put a sunbed on the beach. I am convinced that half of the hall with this legal interpretation is incompatible with the mandate", said Xhaçka.




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