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With documents in hand, Rama attacks the media and the opposition: 4,646 m² in the middle of Tirana pass to the state

With documents in hand, Rama attacks the media and the opposition: 4,646 m²

Through a video message on Facebook, Prime Minister Edi Rama has attacked the media and the opposition, referring to the criticism of the confiscation of floors without permission. With some documents in hand, Rama said that the first act of handing over 4,646 square meters, built without permission in the center of Tirana to the state, has been signed.

"No one, not the oppositions who leave no accusations unsaid, not the media who leave nothing unsaid, not even the justice system, which leaves no yard or attic in the suburbs unpunished, didn't see them, didn't tell them, didn't listen to them, did not ask for the floors and meters built without permission for the purpose of profit up to and in the middle of Tirana.

Because all of them either have their finger stuck, some more and some less, some directly and some indirectly, in the honey of bricks and concrete, or their eyes are so blinded and their ears are so blocked by the hatred that fills their mouths with slander, with lies, with accusations that are very strong with the weak, but very weak with the strong" , said Rama.

The latter said that he has reduced "ten times the number of square meters without permission that the builders of the palaces used to have right here in the capital of Albania".

According to Rama, the decision taken recently is the last chapter of the effort to put an end to illegal constructions. We remind you that with the last decision, entities that have built without permission can legalize the floors without permission, by paying a certain value, in addition to the fine.

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