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Petro Koçi speaks after testifying in SPAK: The world of crime in Fier has a consolidated connection with politics, influenced the April 25 elections

Petro Koçi speaks after testifying in SPAK: The world of crime in Fier

Petro Koçi spoke to the media after the testimony given before the SPAK prosecutors, regarding his denunciation of the tenders in Fier that the criminal world is connected to public institutions.

He did not name concrete names, although he stressed that the underworld in Fier has consolidated links with politics and that crime links with the SMI influenced the April 25 elections, according to him.

He further added that his denunciation was not well received by officials in Fier and according to him, this shows that it is true. The Socialist MP said that the SP distances itself from crime and that the latter is the will of the DP.

"I am one of the politicians who have made criminal charges several times. During the campaign I denounced a judge. I am a politician and I feel that the world of crime in Fier is quite influential. This awareness is very necessary for SPAK as well. consolidated with politics.Links with the SMI also influenced the election result.

I am a politician, my attitudes are not to settle accounts with any politician, but with the underworld, we must not allow them to have decision-making opportunities in public life, they dictate, or threaten officials of various levels. Most officials in Fier did not welcome my statement which means that it hurt, the SP distances itself from any individual affected by crime, this is an immovable will of the DP.

The media, after my statements, has made concrete accusations and references and I tell you that I denounce everything concrete, I will be a politician so that public life is cleaner. If you refer to my personal history I have made reports and part of the SP administration.

I have clarified that in the first place my statement has to do with the positive work that SPAK is doing. SPAK has no restrictions, even in Fier it is free and legally obliged to operate in SPAK. I am a politician who has reported various subjects, I am neither a prosecutor nor a judge, because you have to have concrete documents, I am not an investigator. "People of this world got into work more simply than ordinary people ," he said.

On July 16, Petro Koçi called on the SPAK to investigate in the city of Fier the connections of the organized crime world with public institutions.

Petro Koçi stated that in Fier the hands of crime are extended on public finances, emphasizing that the protagonists of drug trafficking and violence have legalized business entities that win public tenders. According to the Socialist MP, they achieve this through direct connections with any head of institutions or through the threat of certain officials or the owners of business entities. Following this denunciation, SPAK opened the case and today called to testify the author of that statement. 

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