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Rama praises Erdogan: If it wasn't for him, Albania would have more deaths during Covid-19

Rama praises Erdogan: If it wasn't for him, Albania would have more deaths

Prime Minister Edi Rama participated in the forum for the Balkans in Bratislava, where he did not spare criticism for the European Union and praise for the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Rama said in his speech that at the time when the COVID 19 pandemic broke out, the EU rushed to introduce protection for itself, leaving out the countries of the Western Balkans.

Rama said that if it were not for Erdogan, there would be more victims of the virus in Albania. While giving the merits to Erdogan, Rama called the way the EU managed the situation stupid.

"The most surprising moment of the gap between routine speeches and what was happening was when the pandemic hit. When we all isolated ourselves completely. And we saw EU countries rushing to keep themselves within the walls of their borders. And when the vaccines came, they made a distribution of them completely disregarding the fact that there were 6 countries surrounded by the borders of the EU that needed them as much.

What happened was that we, as Albanians, ran to Turkey, Serbia to China and Russia, Macedonia to all of them in order to find help to save lives.

If it hadn't been for Turkey's President Erdogan, Albania would have faced many more deaths. While the EU only cared about itself and it took a long time for them to turn their eyes on us and then the situation was good because they gave us many vaccines. This was nonsense, but it was the reality" , declared Rama.

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