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Rama: We have not given up on the bandage, it will be placed in November

Rama: We have not given up on the bandage, it will be placed in November

A day after declaring that the 800 kWh bundle will not come into force from today as expected, Prime Minister Edi Rama says that the decision has not been cancelled, but has been postponed until November.

In a conversation on Facebook with commentators, Rama said that the bandage will be placed next month, taking into account the atmospheric conditions.

" There are two elements, they are the rains, we have had them that have increased, although not significantly, in Fierza the quotas have increased and the second element is a saving trend that has caused the need for energy to be much lower than the forecast we can handle it.

If the trend will continue and the rains will continue we will pass it without any surprises. In November, the bandage will be placed taking into account the parameters or we will return to the discussion.

We have made an important change in the contracts made with private hydropower plants, which with the obligation received from the previous government, for purchase money, would bring it to the point where we would be one step away from pulling out the teeth of the state's bankruptcy. Since we renegotiated those contracts, we set a ceiling, we have much less obligations to them, 300 million euros saved per year" , said Rama.


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