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Rama, which used to look for "professionals", today admits that there are no workers

Rama, which used to look for "professionals", today admits that there

The lack of labor is putting many businesses and enterprises in the country in difficulty. In such a situation, even Prime Minister Rama had to change his rhetoric.

Rama, which used to complain about the lack of professionals, today is 'praying' that Albanians leave less and less, as the business sector is facing difficulties.

He has admitted that there is no shortage of the professionals he was talking about 10 years ago, but the workforce is lacking.

"Even in this enterprise, the years pass, like everywhere else, but the process of replacing qualified labor forces if the enterprise will not understand that with these salaries it does not go up. The labor forces are starting to be missing, we have heard it for a long time we have jobs but we don't have specialists, but now we have jobs but we don't even have workers. This requires a quick reaction, starting from the salary. This is a company that does not have for this speech. The thread of the logic of exploitation to the edge of the workforce. What we are doing and which we will accompany with other measures, is a decision on the side of the employees to fight together with responsible entrepreneurs the logic of exploitation of the workforce", declared Rama .

And so, the government goes from the epic expression of "There is work but no professionals" to "There is work but there are no workers".

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