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Albanians in dinghies towards Britain, Chuçi denies: They are not fleeing from Albania, but from European countries

Albanians in dinghies towards Britain, Chuçi denies: They are not fleeing

Interior Minister Bledi Çuçi has denied the massive influx of Albanians towards Great Britain, through illegal routes.

From the floor of the Assembly, Çuçi declared that they are not Albanians who emigrate from Albania, but Albanians who have emigrated earlier to European countries and are now moving from there to Great Britain.

While talking about the agreement with Britain for asylum seekers, Çuçi said that it is a problem of the British, as he affirmed that most of them are Albanians.

"The statistics are for asylum seekers. In 2015 there were 65 asylum seekers, in 2021 we have only 11 thousand. Look at the decline from 2015 to today. This is a multi-dimensional issue. It is not only for the interior minister. People want to move and find a better life.

This is natural. But the number has decreased. On illegal immigrants to the UK we have never had a closer relationship between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries. It's a UK problem. We know that most of them are Albanians.

We are partners in this. We took people there to deal with these issues. The bad thing that has increased the number is the legislation they have for this. The Albanians who went there are Albanians who emigrated to European countries and flee from European countries to Great Britain" , he said.

The British media have often echoed illegal Albanian immigrants. Nine gangs were behind the 2,863 migrants who arrived between June 1 and July 12. Of them, 1,075 were Albanians.

Home Office figures show that 11,561 illegal immigrants who receive a deportation decision are still staying in Britain. This number has almost tripled over the past ten years.

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