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SP's 'scenario' to take away the opposition's right to speak

SP's 'scenario' to take away the opposition's right to speak

The last session of the plenary session in the Assembly was accompanied by tension, exceptions and the approval of the agenda without the votes of the opposition.

However, it seems that the socialists have decided to follow the same scenario even if in the next session the opposition tries to block the floor, when in fact the Speaker of the Parliament Lindita Nikolla denies her the right to speak.

It is learned that at today's meeting of the parliamentary group of the SP, directives were also given, where Taulant Balla stated that if the opposition blocks the floor again, the agenda will be voted on without their votes.

"In the plenary session, in case of blocking by the DP, the same position of the SP will be repeated. They will vote on the agenda despite the blocking stance of the opposition" , said Balla.

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