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The Socialists report the KLSH auditor to the Prosecutor's Office, accusing him of refusing to testify in the commission

The Socialists report the KLSH auditor to the Prosecutor's Office, accusing

Socialist MPs, members of the Parliamentary Investigative Committee regarding public sterilization and check-up services in health have filed a report in the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Tirana, for Bexhet Zeqiri, with audit duties at the High Control of the State.

The MPs accuse Zeqiri of refusing to testify in the commission.

"During the questioning session and specifically during the questions conducted by the Deputy Chairman of the Commission, in violation of the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Mr. Zeqiri repeatedly refused to testify, despite being informed of his obligation legal to testify and give explanations about his work before the Parliamentary Investigative Committee" , says the letter sent to the prosecution body.

Following the letter, the MPs also present arguments as to why the KLSH auditor, according to them, has committed a criminal offence.

"Based on the totality of the facts and circumstances cited above, we estimate that there is evidence for the initiation of criminal prosecution against the citizen referred to Mr. Bexhet Zeqiri, as a suspect for committing the criminal offense of "Refusal to testify" provided by Article 307 of the Criminal Code. This is the first time that a witness called to the Investigative Committee openly refuses to answer the questions asked by the Committee, marking a dangerous case for the authority of the activity of a parliamentary committee and its product. This case paves the way for the refusal to testify by the witness called by the investigative commissions, essentially damaging not only the reputation of this parliamentary instrument, but creating premises to fail the commission's work in obtaining such an important evidence, as is the testimony", the document is quoted.

Along with the report, the deputies have also made available a CD with the film materials of the session, as well as express their willingness to provide additional clarifications as soon as they are called by the prosecution body on this matter.

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