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Xhafaj criticizes Justice: Get paid like never before in 30 years, it's Albanian money, give an account

Xhafaj criticizes Justice: Get paid like never before in 30 years, it's

Former Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj, has again been critical of the judiciary. In the Law Commission, Xhafaj focused on the performance of new prosecutors and their salaries.

The former minister said that prosecutors are being paid like never before in 30 years, emphasizing that the money they receive belongs to Albanians and must be held accountable.

"The council is a key institution. They are full time members. Get paid like never before in these 30 years. 3 thousand issues in a year. All these are the money of the Albanians, We just do the distribution. They have the right to hold us accountable. They must hold you accountable through us. Balla who is here is not an ordinary member.

He was the deputy chairman of the council. It is a responsibility. It is not a privilege. Prosecutors today told you they are more independent than ever. The constitution and the law are their guarantors. Do prosecutors act independently? Do we help this process? Do you become a barricade to influence him ", said Xhafaj.

Xhafaj said that some new justice institutions have not met the public's expectations for transparency and accountability, taking as an example the High Prosecution Council.

"I think that today is a very important hearing because here are the representatives of the High Prosecution Council. That would be enough to make this discussion heavy. The reform has entered a delicate process of its implementation. Many things in this country depend on its implementation.

New justice means new constitutions and laws. Accountability, accountability, transparency that the system lacked. Everyone hopes the new justice will do this. Some of these institutions mainly KLP has not achieved. I do not feel comfortable articulating this today. But I want to be fair. I no longer have a reason to keep the cost in front of the public. There is no need for society to keep this. "You will keep it, " he said.

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