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"47% of Albanian children in food poverty", DP: Responsible, government institutions

"47% of Albanian children in food poverty", DP: Responsible,

The Democratic Party has reacted in relation to the UNICEF report that raised the concern of malnutrition among Albanian children.

Silvi Bardhi emphasized that UNICEF sheds light on the scandalous situation of malnutrition in Albania. Based on this fact and the UNICEF report, according to the PD, the burden of guilt falls on the governmental institutions.


Albania, the country rich in natural resources, exceptional climate for crops of all agricultural crops, suitable relief for the breeding of livestock products, has malnourished children.
A report with alarming figures has been published by UNICEF, where Albania is positioned at scandalous levels of child malnutrition.

Albania is almost at the level of countries in armed conflict such as Iraq, Kenya, Chad, Rwanda, etc.
76 thousand between the ages of 0 and 5, or 47% of Albanian children are in food poverty, that is, without the minimum amount of food. This age group, which needs physical and mental development, does not have the minimum requirement. These consequences of malnutrition in children, according to UNICEF, can last a lifetime. According to the report, 47% of Albanian children are fed only with breast milk, milk products, a basic starch, rice, corn or wheat.

If we analyze, a large part of the children of Albanian families grow up in public kindergartens and nurseries, a part grows up at home and a small part in private institutions with very expensive prices.
Based on this fact and the UNICEF report, the burden of guilt falls on the institutions of governmental dependency. The theft and abuse of children's diet is macabre. Let's not forget that many children live in extreme poverty in villages and poor areas where their parents raise them without any support from the state.
It is criminal to see statistics that rank you last along with countries with poor natural resources or at war.

The greed of this power knows no bounds even in children. That's why the Albanians also leave, because they only think about the future and the safety of their children. The Democratic Party has its own surefire alternative to winning the battle against poverty. From the first months of our government, the vital minimum will be set at least 210-220 euros. A government that steals children's daily bread should be removed one day before. We are not poor, but stolen!

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