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Absurdity in the Parliament, the draft law is rejected because the proposal was not brought by the government, but by an opposition MP

Absurdity in the Parliament, the draft law is rejected because the proposal was

Democratic MP Ina Zhupa has announced that the draft law proposed by her on volunteering has been defeated by the majority.

In a post on Facebook, Zhupa writes that the draft law in question was defeated only because it was proposed by an opposition MP, as the Assembly is used to approving only socialist draft laws.


Absurdity in the Parliament of Albania! My draft law on volunteerism was defeated without any comments, but simply because we expect the same changes brought by the government.

The majority has introduced a parliamentary practice that only the laws introduced by the government should be voted in favor. Now they don't even camouflage it anymore, but clearly state that if it was brought by the opposition MP, they should be voted against, and only when the government brings it, should they be voted for, even if they are the same things.

Since October 2022, I have filed some changes in the Law on Volunteering to help young people, but also institutions and organizations.

After almost two years of being left in the drawer, they put it in the committee to overthrow it without any remark or problem, but with the idea that the government brought us a letter that I will change this law myself and we will vote against you and these changes of yours will brings the government without worry.

While the government has not even filed any such initiative, but has expressed in a letter the will to change it, partially or completely, we still do not know (as stated in the letter). The letter tells the deputies to bring us the changes and we will then make them into law. That is, to reverse the legislative process. The government brings proposals and the deputies turn them into laws, the deputies don't bring proposals and the government turns them into laws.

The changes consist in the creation of a register at the National Agency for Employment and Skills, where each volunteer's data is entered, he receives a volunteer booklet so that his contribution is also recognized in his CV and beyond. They also come within the framework of the European approach to volunteering, the need to bring youth closer to voluntary work, to increase their commitment, for a more humane society and more engaged people.

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