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The appeal returned the seal, Kelliçi tells what happens from now on in PD

The appeal returned the seal, Kelliçi tells what happens from now on in

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Belind Kelliçi, has shown what will happen now in the Democratic Party, after the Appeal decision that returned the seal and the logo to their rightful place.

On Syri TV, Kelliçi said that PD will continue the opposition even stronger, with new denunciations.

" The PD flag has returned home today.

What happens tomorrow? We continue the work, new denunciations, battle with the government, with Edi Rama.

Today, the couple most worried in this country by the decision of the Court of Appeal today is Edi Rama and Erion Veliaj. Because the real opposition, PD continues its battle even stronger and more united', said Kelliçi during the conversation.

Speaking about the judges who gave the decision in favor of the democrats, the member of the DP leadership, Belind Kelliçi, said that there are also honest judges who apply the law.

Kelliçi especially thanked Judge Agron Zhukri for giving the first decision in favor of the Democrats, even though he was under tremendous pressure.

I don't think we should put all judges or prosecutors in one bag. There is always a need to distinguish those who abuse the law, duty, abuse public office or state officials and others who do their duty honestly.

Every time we are in protest at the municipality of Tirana, I hit the mayor and the corrupt directors with evidence, and I thank the ordinary employees, the other directors who are honest.

The court simply applied the law.

The judge who should be appreciated and thanked is Agron Zhukri, when the pressure, the media attacks, the fake news spread have been extraordinary.

Agron Zhukri implemented the law and he is the one who gave the first decision and this court today left in force that decision which was right' , said Belind Kelliçi 

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