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"Activist" application, Berisha: It is punishable by national law, evidence of electoral narco-state

"Activist" application, Berisha: It is punishable by national law,

Sali Berisha issued a statement to the media from the headquarters of the Democratic Party. The former prime minister of Albania spoke about the application "Aktivst1" that the government presented as help, but in fact there was a lot of dissatisfaction as different employees say that they are forced to like different posts.

Berisha stated that this is a punishable application in the national law and called on the employees of the administration not to become part of the electoral mega-crime.

I am before you today to call on all administration employees not to become part of the electoral mega-crime of using the Activist for the purposes of supporting the power of crime.

The activist is a punishable application under national and international law. He is punishable under national law, because it is blatant evidence of the transformation of Edi Rama's narco-state into an electoral narco-state. Thus, the transformation into a machine of mass violation of the vote through illegal influences.

It is contrary to international law because it violates the basic rules of social networks, because it is being used as a tool of terror on Albanian citizens, on Albanian voters.

By denouncing in front of you, I also announce that DP will take all legal steps against this instrument of terror, both within the country and in respectable institutions, near the social networks where this illegal application is used.

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