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The arrest of the secretary of the Ministry of Health, DP demands the resignation of Manastirli

The arrest of the secretary of the Ministry of Health, DP demands the

The Democratic Party has demanded the resignation and investigation of the Minister of Health, Ogerta Manastirliu, after the arrest of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health.

Through a statement of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, it is said that Manastirli's silence shows that this was not an isolated case.

We recall that the general secretary of the Ministry of Health, Joana Duro, was arrested after she was caught red-handed taking 330,000 lek bribes from a company to win the tender for the supervision of constructions in health centers in Tirana and Durrës.


Systematic corruption in the Ministry of Health cannot pass in silence and cannot pass without political responsibility. The red-handed arrest of the highest public official of the Ministry of Health proves how widespread corruption is in the government of Edi Rama.

3 years ago, at the height of the pandemic, DP proved with official documents that the Ministry of Health used secret tenders to steal from citizens. AntiCovid equipment and medications were bought 3-5 times more expensive, but the Minister of Health refused to take political responsibility. Likewise, SPAK did not serve the public interest with the half-assed investigation.

Today is the time for SPAK not to become again the shield of corruption at the highest political level in the Ministry of Health. Ogerta Manastirliu cannot act as if she does not know what happens with the tenders in her Ministry. Even the most disinterested Albanian in these works knows that the minister is aware and decides on the fate of a tender. Gentlemen of SPAK, don't pretend you don't know this! Also investigate Ogerta Manastirliu!

The silence of the Minister of Health for 24 hours and her non-distance from the corrupt actions of her closest collaborators prove that the corruption of the Secretary General is not an isolated case. Ogerta Manastirliu in the Ministry of Health is part of and serves a system rotten by corruption.

On behalf of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, supporting and encouraging the justice system to fully uncover the corrupt scheme with the tents in health, we demand the resignation of Minister Ogerta Manastirliu, as the main political responsible for corruption in the Ministry of Health and to pave the way for an investigation of complete and comprehensive.

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