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"Education in a national emergency", PL: State institutions bear responsibility

"Education in a national emergency", PL: State institutions bear

With the progress of technology, at the moment when innovation and progress in the level of education was expected, the situation that is presented to us is miserable.

Education in the country is at the lowest level in the world, announced by important international institutions such as PISA, the OECD Program for International Student Assessment, which measures the ability of 15-year-olds to use their knowledge in reading, mathematics and science.

The Vice-President of the Freedom Party, Erisa Xhixho, under the call "education in national emergency", demanded that after the dramatic report recently released by PISA, in which Albania is ranked 62nd among the 80 countries that have participated in its tests in reading, mathematics, science, the Albanian state institutions must give an account.

 " We are worse than in 2018, even worse than in 2015 and much worse than in 2012. Albania has lost 69 points in mathematics, 47 points in literature, 41 points in science, being last in the ranking.

Albanian students at the lowest level of education. At these rates we will have mass functional illiteracy. Today, state institutions, the Ministry of Education, and the government must be held accountable.

Why does the quality of education not increase, but only progressively decreases?! - Because the government does not support education with the budget, but takes the money to the oligarchs; because scientific research is not funded, but concessions are not stopped; because teachers and pedagogues are ignored, while money for government luxury is poured down the river; for excellence departs in despair.

Education should be a national priority and be supported by the budget and any mechanism to increase the quality of education. It is the only weapon we have in hand to fight the mass depopulation of Albania ."


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