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Balliu: SPAK prosecutors keep Sali Berisha under arrest, they do not dare to investigate the SP company

Balliu: SPAK prosecutors keep Sali Berisha under arrest, they do not dare to

The Korçë - Erseke road is a total of 35 kilometers long, normal standard of category C, with only one lane, construction continues since 2011.

The construction of the axis was divided into two lots. The first lot with a length of 18 kilometers was made during the democratic government with a total cost of 15 million euros or 800 thousand euros per km. While the second lot with a length of 17 kilometers was tendered by the current government with an initial value of 5 billion lek or almost 48 million euros.

But this year, another 5 million euros were added to the salty bill through a contract modification procedure.

The Albanian Road Authority says that the total cost of this road is expected to cost 8.2 billion lek, or 80 million euros (including VAT), i.e. 5 million euros per km.

On Wednesday, the show Plug ne Syri TV clearly showed with its investigation how Edi Rama and Balluku and their gang in power have stolen at least 25 million euros from citizens' taxes by changing the technical project and increasing the costs fivefold for the Korçë-Ersekë road.

The part of the road that collapsed was inaugurated several times by Rama Balluku with great pride. But nobody investigates the company of the Socialist Party!

Edi Rama declares that the repair money will be paid by the firm. However, the citizens will pay for the 13-year delay in the completion of the road in addition to the quintuple of the price.

Courageous engineer Romeo Nazarko has already denounced in 2020 in the SKAP of the Party this serious corruptive affair for the citizens' pockets but also with great danger for their lives.

4 years that the SKAP of the Party keeps it in the file and does not investigate!

The Plug show bravely showed how even after 4 years, the party leader declares that the investigation is in the preliminary phase. This is the standard of Edi Rama's mafia organization. Skapi hid it, but the Plug show revealed that Skapi's prosecutors in this affair were the famous Kraja state security investigator and the famous one for his connections with Qazim Sejdin and Taulant Ballën-Millonai.

So the same prosecutors who hold the leader of the opposition and Prof. Maltezin without any evidence, facts or evidence, without any damage to public finances, but on the contrary the state has benefited $800,000 from the prohibition of illegality, on the other hand they refuse to investigate the economic damage of at least 25 million euros because that's where Edi Rama comes in and his gang who have stolen through changing the project, inequality in tenders up to endangering the lives of citizens and the dome of the criminal gang is the restriction "Don't Touch!" for the scapists.

Albanian citizens have clearly seen the model of political prosecutors who do not investigate any procedure for incinerators, etc. who do not return the stolen public money but stage shows as much as the rope holder allows and amnesty the master thieves Rama and Velia.

The Democratic Party strongly condemns the political misuse of justice institutions according to the wishes of Edi Rama and Taulant Balla Erion Velise who have seized all power and destroy the hopes of Albanians for a free and democratic country.

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