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Residents of Unit 8 in Tirana have been without water for 6 months: We pay the bills every month from 40-60 thousand lek

Residents of Unit 8 in Tirana have been without water for 6 months: We pay the

The Head of Organization in the Democratic Party, Klevis Balliu, held a meeting with the residents of Unit No. 8 in the capital on the lack of water.

Balliu called on the Mayor of Tirana, Erjon Veliaj, to take the appropriate responsibility and serve the citizens by returning drinking water to them.

The citizens said that even though they have not had drinking water for 6 months, their bill ranges from 4,000 to 6,000 new lek, which they are forced to pay every month.

"We have had no water here for 6 months. I get up at 4 o'clock in the morning saving the water, did it come or not until 8 o'clock without a quarter. The water came only for half an hour and there was no more water. Everyone comes and complains here in the neighborhood, do you have water, do you have water.

So they better let them see there at the clock, at the pump, whether there is water or not. We are changing the pumps from the small ones, we are also getting the big, more expensive ones. 300 thousand Lek makes a pump, now I got the new pump just for this reason" , said the resident of the area.

They call on Mayor Veliaj to turn his eyes to the citizens.

"We beg our neighbors for buckets of water to go to the toilet, because we have two days without washing our face to wash it. We are begging for water with buckets, as if we are in the time of Skenderbey, then it was better than now at least there was some water. Now you have neither water nor oven there" , said another resident of the area.

While Balliu stated that "it should be emphasized that in 2022 the capital of Albania, a candidate country for the European Union, a country which, from the propaganda sold by Erjon Veliaj, is spoken of as the capital of development, and meanwhile the truth is that in the families of the citizens of Tirana doesn't even have water and they steal by taking money from them every month for something they don't have, for a service they don't have" .

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