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Bardhi: There can be no solution for the opposition without Berisha

Bardhi: There can be no solution for the opposition without Berisha

The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party, Gazmend Bardhi, has stated that in order to get out of the internal crisis, the DP must make the opposition functional in the Parliament and carry out its mission.

Bardhi emphasized that Basha's supporters failed with the "May 14" strategy, so a new strategy is needed and those who continue with that strategy have left their function of being the opposition.

" It is the best solution within DP. Neither Berisha nor Basha left, the conflict will continue to rage. As long as I have nothing in hand, to convince Berisha or Basha, that we will have to find a solution with a new leadership and regular competition. But we are in conditions where we do not have such a thing. Therefore, in order not to waste any more time, let's start making the opposition a functional parliament and carry out its mission.

Try writing to the government, no one answers the phone. The government is in very favorable conditions, it is very comfortable and cozy. The state the opposition is in has affected society and Albania.

Today, when we talk about DP solutions, we talk about who is the best alternative for the citizens to be an alternative. As long as we don't solve it first, I have decided to start it like this. Communicating, we did not communicate with each other, we communicated through the television.

When we started this battle and Basha is conscious, there was a certain strategy, which fell on May 14. And a responsible opposition, which will not leave the country without opposition, asks you to build a new strategy. When the battle started, it was that the DP would strengthen, as of course to become an alternative for 2025, you cannot do with the result we got on May 14.

Who still follows that strategy, has left his function of being an oppositionist. I make my difference with Berisha through issues, or ideas, or attitudes related to a certain issue. As a rule, we should have the same opinion on our issue, but this does not happen.

Berisha is in the opposition, he does the opposition like me, is this opposition the right one, I cannot judge. He is a factor in the opposition and there can be no solution for the opposition without Berisha, " said Bardhi.


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