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Basha vows to students: We will physically return the lesson to the auditorium, we are studying the experiences of western countries

Basha vows to students: We will physically return the lesson to the auditorium,

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, during a conversation with some young people in the city of Belsh, promised that the students will return physically to the auditorium in case of victory in the April 25 elections. The leader of the Democrats said that the DP has a well-thought-out plan and consulted with experts in the field, to protect students and professors through anti-Covid measures, but at the same time to develop teaching in the auditorium.

Basha said that Rama has failed in 8 years with education, while he promised that from September 1 every citizen will take 5 free courses to learn foreign languages.

"Not only in the auditoriums but in every other aspect of life this government has failed to manage the pandemic. This does not surprise anyone anymore, because the failure with the pandemic is the last failure. It has been doubling in every field for 8 years. As you said, the clubs and cafes themselves are full, the urban ones are full and the auditoriums are empty. The first thing I want to tell you is that health is above all. We will not compromise with health, but there are experiences that will enable us to physically restore teaching in auditoriums while maintaining anti-Covid measures. And we will take these experiences that we are studying from western countries and enable the auditors to get back to work so much more in the conditions when the government fails to build the digital platform and enable effective online learning. That we know that 90% of students do not even have a tablet, teaching is done with mobile, that the programs are so diverse that in fact he just learning is not. Rare are the cases, therefore our group will enable that by fully preserving the health of teachers, professors and students we begin to reuse university spaces with anti-Covid measures and enable digitalization as soon as possible and the tablets available to students. And specifically I am telling you from September 1 five foreign languages ​​will be available to all Albanian students. In fact, for all Albanians under the age of 35 free of charge, online English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Pra, Even in the opposition, we have not been satisfied with drafting the plan, but we have also found the partners with whom we will make these plans a reality, and in the field of digitalization, our partners are European, they are American, it is the European Union itself. 5 free courses will certainly be contributed by the state, government for all young people to learn a foreign language and 20 online professional trainings. By taking these 20 trainings, enabling you others to have as much practice as possible within the teaching hours which is very important to acquire the qualities of the profession from pharmacy, to medicine, to lawyers, to engineers, we will very soon we are ready to offer the European labor market qualified youth and to get foreign investors to open jobs here. And so we will fight the other plague which is immigration. In this way, we will enable you, instead of taking the road to the curves with total uncertainty about what will happen to you tomorrow, to be employed in your country, even in your community by European investors who will find in Albania through this Albanian youth program qualified who knows the foreign language, who knows the relevant profession and who unquestionably has the support of the government that the government should do its job. The tax will be reduced, it will be 9% tax not 15% as it is today. On April 25 this ends. We already have the connections, we have the contact, we have the plans and we are ready to implement them. What we need is for April 25 to end 8 years of stagnation, eight years of unfulfilled promises, eight years of failures. To become a part, to become you, especially the youth, - tha Basha.

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